JB Lighting P7, white LED source and CMY color

JB Lighting has been able to combine small format and design.

First presentation of the P7 first occurred at Prolight+Sound 2016 exhibition, the Varyscan P7 won the PIPA (Prolight+Sound International Press Award). It must be said that this German brand has upped its game to offer the market an attractive LED fixture.
Size (58 cm), weight (17 kg), power consumption and price: everything about this new spot has been reduced. We'll try it out and see if the power, features and quality are all there.

The first advantage of this spot is that it benefits from the know-how and experience of JB Lighting, a manufacturer whose products are entirely made in Germany and, against all expectations, are rather aggressively priced.

The silhouette of this new spot is sleek. The combination of curves and lines is harmonious and the measurements nicely proportioned. On the face of the base are the display and five keys. The two keys on the right are used to enter the menu and confirm the options, while the two on the left are for navigation. The center key inverts the display. Direct access to this function is a good idea, but its central position is quite tricky when scrolling through and activating functions.
The menu is comprehensive. Among other things, there are three cooling modes that allow you to adapt the light output and ventilation noise to your needs. There are also two dimmer curves, as well as three camera modes: 50 Hz, 60 Hz and "Flex". It is also possible to create an internal sequence, either by recording a DMX signal or by programming directly on the projector. The menu shows that the DMX input is either wired or wireless, thanks to the factory-integration "JB Lighting Wireless" receiver.

Playing with a screwdriver in the test room :


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