Claypaky Scenius Spot : extensive SLU test

Clay Paky Scenius Spot

Designed around the latest-generation Osram 1400-PS Lok-it lamp, this now "classic" fixture is positioned at the top of the Claypaky range of traditional spots, delivering a powerful, uniform beam, beautiful saturated and pastel colors and a comprehensive set of effects.
We decided to scrutinize all the functions of one of these new fixtures in our own laboratory. We choose to test the Scenius Spot in Dimatec’s showroom, assisted by Rémi Derruau, product specialist for this Clayppaky
aky distributor.

Aesthetically, Scenius is different from its companion products, Mythos and Super Sharpy. The nose is squared but the more elongated head gives it a less stocky global shape. The lamp around which the Scenius was designed is the 1400-PS Lok-it, which has some very precious qualities: a color rendering index (CRI) of 95 and a luminous flux 20 to 30% higher than the lamp that powered the Alpha 1500 range.

The grand tour inside

Under the hood, the maintenance levels are well defined :

Level 1, , for anyone, anywhere, involves everything that can be removed with a Phillips-head screwdriver.
Level niveau 2 requires a higher level of skill and access preferably in the shop, using a Torx screwdriver.
Level 3, final level is reserved for authorized, Claypaky service technicians and requires a smaller Torx screwdriver.

We begin the disassembly and the guided tour.
The menu display and connectors are on the same side. There are the usual two XLR5 DMX connectors, one EtherCON connector for control via Art-Net, and one PowerCon True 1 chassis plug for mains power. As usual in a Claypaky fixture, you can access the menu to change settings or update the firmware even if the projector is not connected (small rechargeable battery inside for this use).
The tour of the exterior ends with the head, where two covers held on by four 1/4-turn screws don't stand up very long to our curiosity. The two filters of the head are directly fixed to these two composite supports. This choice may seem a little odd, but we quickly understand that this places them above the fans while providing simplified access for maintenance.

Derrière les deux larges poignées de transport, la grille de ventilation du socle est juste clipsée donc facilement amovible pour l'entretien des filtres.

The filters for the head are incorporated in the covers and held in by a safety sling.

Connectique et menu du même coté, ce qui évite les tours de ponts !

Connectivity and menu display on the same side eliminate the game of messy cabling around the light truss!

The two large fans are mounted upside-down, in order to create an air flow on the components nearest the lamp. On the top and bottom of the head are the three control boards for the stepper motors and parameters. These are identical, the function of each is defined during installation by setting the DIP switch on the board with the code for the parameter group it will control.

Coté pile, deux cartes de gestion des moteurs, le ventilateur et, derrière la grille au premier plan, la turbine.

On one side: the two motor control boards, the fan and, behind the grill in the foreground, the tangential fans.

Côté face, la troisième carte de gestion est montée sur une trappe d'accès à l'optique

On the flip-side, the third control board is mounted on an access door for the optical group.

At this point, we wonder how the rest of the disassembly will proceed.


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