Claypaky Sharpy Plus & Axcor Spot 400: the more, the merrier

Good old saying “The more, the merrier” still rules for Claypaky, simultaneously introducing at JTSE exhibition in Paris end of 2018 two new players in the crammed field of moving heads, yet paying attention, more than ever, to adding little extras inside … well, not so little actually, let’s have a look !

Sharpy Plus

The official Sharpy Plus European Premiere at JTSE

Eight years after a major breakout in the intelligent light world, the Sharpy gets a full in-depth refurbishing, or we’d better call it reinvention. Equipped with a brand new Osram lamp, the Sharpy Plus merges the fullness of a Spot with the dazzling brigthness of a Beam.
If you think the Sharpy Plus descends more from the Mythos than from the Sharpy, you’re damn right. The Sharpy Plus relegates the Beam projectors’forefather stand Sharpy far beyond, mutating into a hybrid fully-fledged with features.

Its lamp, to begin with, is a new model from Osram, the 330 W Sirius X8, designed to bring maximum light output … and stability ! With a previsional 300,000 lux @ 10 m distance, the Sharpy Plus would come very close to its major eastern-european competitor, at least with a 3° angle in Beam mode. And yes, let’s repeat “in Beam mode”, as the Sharpy Plus is mostly a full impact Spot, but with a very even projection beam. The projection of the gobos, from a choice of 8 glass ones, doesn’t show any noticeable defect, and the ones in color are hardly blameworthy.

Exclusive from the Claypaky booth at JTSE Paris exhibition, SoundLightUp presents its blasting beam, 3°-36°zoom, FX collection, CMY color mixing, 3 color wheels, gobos, Frost, prisms, animation wheel and much, much more.

Emilio Cornelli, Sales Director of Claypaky, introduces the strong points of the Sharpy Plus.

A specific function boosts at will the light output for extra concentrated lumen galore, with parallel rays of light, with a little help from 12 fixed gobos and 6 beam reducers available on the same wheel. This Boost channel, with ancilliary HotSpot setting, allows fast changeover from Spot to Beam by inserting a dedicated lens inside the optical patch. The zoom multiplies the beam angle by 12, thus going from minimal 3° angle up to its 36° maximum.

The color mixing and some of the gobos are very close to whose inside the Mythos. This well-known trilogy of color discs has the first section dedicated to cyan, magenta and yellow, and the rest to 15 fixed colors and 2 CTO filters.
More “electric” than on the Axcor range, some hues and very saturated colors come close to the swatchbook of the Claypaky HPE, pre-Sharpy iconic moving heads.

The FX make the Sharpy Plus top the bill indeed, be it the 8-facet prism, the linear 4-facet prism or, in addition, the animation wheel. Last but not least, a progressive Frost blade will soften the beam edge, very comparable to a Wash.
With a weight of 21 kg, the definitive version of the Sharpy Plus is quite fast, even though the standard Sharpy remains unreachable on this matter. The menu and the ergonomics are faithful to the Claypaky know-how.

One more thing … if you want to know what the final Sharpy Plus price will be, you’ll have to contact your distributor. Some say that the “Plus” word in the product name could lead to a minus in the pricing … First deliveries are expected beginning of 2019.

Axcor Spot 400

Following the exclusive presentation of the Axcor Profile 400 and 600 last september at Plasa London, what more could we offer you ? Easy, let’s unveil the Axcor Spot 400, then!

Axcor Spot 400

This bladeless model is more price conscious, on request from a number of customers. It does keep the 300 W led engine from the Axcor Profile 400, and still offers a choice of two models, normal or HC, according to your main focus on light output or sheer quality of the color rendering.
Standard version delivers 16,000 lumens @ 6500K, with a CRI of 70. The HC (High Color Rendering) version goes up to 12,000 lumens @ 5600K, but with a CRI of 90, for a more natural light. Slightly brighter than the Profile model, its optical system includes a larger lens (125 mm), and a bigger zoom ratio from 5° to 55.5°, with enhanced direct lighting.

The Axcor Spot 400 includes the same CMY color mixing plus linear CTO and 6 color wheel than the Profile. The extra space created by the missing framing module is used by a HD rotating gobo wheel, in addition to the 4-facet prim, animation wheel, iris and frost already part of the Profile model.

Already available, the Axcor Spot 400 completes the Axcor range, maybe until later a Beam version of the Axcor Spot 600. Contact your distributor for a test anytime.

K25 et K15

Last final “even more” effect, Claypaky plans the launch of the new B-Eye K25 et K15 early April 2019 at ProLight & Sound Frankfurt. Keeping the functions and general concept of the K20 and K10, these new items will be equipped with leds twice as powerful, an enhanced 80 % light output in narrow beam, and 100 % in wide beam. “Even more” seems to be Claypaky’s motto nowadays, didn’t I tell you ?

More info on Claypaky website


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