Paris is a Green-Go-go and Wall Panel X is nice

Remember Bowie’s The Jean Genie lyrics? Well, the most famous lines of it can be easily diverted, as the greenish new wonder in the world of clever digital intercom just got launched at Paris JTSE latest exhibition.

Demoed by Silvio Cibien on his French distributor Axente booth, this nice piece of kit, a very complete wall mount station, complements ideally any Green-GO network for easy use in the wings, a technical hub room, or any place from where you want talk to the other users of the network, not only hands-free, but hassle-free as well.
The Wall Panel X gives you direct access to a maximum of three channels, either a single direct user, or up to a full group.

To give the user extra capabilities, the Wall Panel X has both a headset connection and a clear-sounding integrated speaker. It can provide connectivity to all requested or desired stations on any kind of Green-GO network, and can make use of 32 available channels, a program audio channel and an extra channel for direct user communication on the headset. Talking about channels, an extra set is available for the main Speaker, meaning that all users can address multiple groups or directly (and privately) other users if they wish to.

It includes all bells and whistles to make the user feel at ease with this comprehensive central controller/monitoring tool: full-color TFT touchscreen, 3 backlit buttons for instant access to the 3 communication channels, and rotary encoder which acts as a volume control. When pressed, this encoder answers the most recent audio source. Note that all matrix data are stored internally.

Let’s sum up the stronger points of this interesting “small little greenie”:

  • As usual with the Green-Go system, no separate matrix or interface is required, so the Wall Panel X can be easily combine with any other Green-GO Beltpack or Multi-Channel Station.
  • PoE (802.3af-2003 Standard) networking and powering.
    All data stored in local memory: routing data, system setup, general and local preferences.
  • Easy to configurate with Green-Go Control freeware.
  • Last but not least, integrated speaker of clear-sounding quality.

More info on the Green-Go website.


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Text: Bruno P. Souchaud. Photo: Monique Cussigh & Green-Go.

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