Cover up, we’re reaching for the stars…

This paper is available in Français too

2018 is just vanishing away in a yellow (… jackets? 100 % french joke) sunset, yellow like a planet still warming up, or yellow-blond like a dull hair cut disliking Santa Claus, and already 2019 is lighting up in a soft magenta, dawn of a thousand promises.
So pick up your Leatherman, put on your PPE and turn on the music! SoundLightUp wishes you a happy new year, and 3, 2 ,1 ! Blackout and cue 1, go!

Climb up the hills, go for the impossible, reach for the stars and don’t forget that you’ll go faster on your own, but further if together.
SoundLightUp will be with you 365 days a year, and now full speed ahead in english, as a contradiction to the motto « There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch ».

We are and will stay as ever, and against all odds, 100 % free, bilingual, professional, free and close to your trade for a seventh year of even more complete information and easy access, wherever you connect from.

We wish all of you a happy and colorful new year, and now 3, 2 ,1 ! Blackout and cue 1, go!


Crédits -

Text: Ludovic Monchat. Translation: Bruno P. Souchaud.

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