Electro-Voice helps audio to quality soar in a Conference Center in Beirut

For Lebanese systems integrator AMAC Company, overcoming the acoustic challenges that were inherent to The Dome, part of Middle East Airlines’ Beirut-based Training & Conference Center, was the kind of challenge that could only be overcome with experience and superior technology.

The passive 1220 EVA-2928S model showing his transducers, two 8’’ and four 1,25’’ drivers. The crossover frequency is set at 1740 Hz, the nominal impedance is 16 ohms and the power handling is 350 W continuous.

The Dome is well named; a large multi-purpose space, it extends over an area of 475 square meters, and its roof peaks at a maximum height of 19 meters.

The building’s shape, explains AMAC Company technical manager Georges Tabet, meant that “acoustically it was a real challenge”. The average reverberation time was between 25 and 30 seconds, and we needed a solution that could deliver audio equally all through the space.
A local point-source design was an option, and through EASE modelling it became apparent that two arrays, flown from the ceiling, provided the best method of coping with the spherical architecture.”

The acoustically challenging multi purpose space, featuring EVA speakers

Having used Electro-Voice loudspeakers for a number of previous conference center projects, Tabet knew that he could rely upon on the EVA (Expandable Vertical Array) series, part of the EV-Innovation family for fixed installation.

The 126 horizontal off axis frequency response. Pretty good up to 45°.

In addition to the advanced Hydra plane wave generators and Constant Directivity waveguides inside the boxes, the EVA enclosures offer integrated rigging hardware and a choice of finish options to ensure they blend into the background for a clean installation.

The1151D sub showing his 15 ’’ accepting 500 W continuous and offering a sensitivity of 98 dB SPL.

Each array comprises four EVA-2082S modules and six EVA-2082S modules. They are augmented in the low end by two matching EVA-1151D 15” subwoofers, while two Electro-Voice Xw12A 12” floor monitors provide foldback for presenters and performers.
The entire system is powered by eight Electro-Voice Q1212 amplifiers.

“Everyone is delighted with the new system,” says Tabet. “We were asked to deliver good intelligibility to the entire audience, which can be as many as 400 people seated or 500 standing.
From training pilots to performances by solo musicians and small bands, the EV system has delivered on every expectation.”

Equipment List

  • 4x EVA-2082S 126 120° x 6° full range line array modules
  • 4x EVA-2082S 1220 120° x 20° full range line array modules
  • 2x EVA-1151D subwoofers
  • 2x Xw12A floor monitors
  • 8x Q1212 power amplifiers

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