French innovation. Motor controllers from Sonoss go digital

Do not expect here any unreadable, sci-fi-style CPU. The new, high-end Sonoss hardware, though all-digital, adopts the proven style of the French manufacturer that combines quality, sobriety and efficiency.

Manuel Lauwerier holding proudly one of the controller he designed and created.

Manuel Lauwerier, technical director of Sonoss, presents two remote controls that now integrate a single digital communication protocol with the power rack. This protocol should be extended later on to the entire range.

Among the common features between these two controllers, we notice the presence of a small central screen. “This screen provides feedback for the operator, and reads data that was before only measurable with dedicated systems, such as real-time load on one or more lifting points added together”, says Manuel Lauwerier.

Load limits can be programmed to stop operation whenever exceeded”. This measurement is carried out thanks to a set of scales integrated in the hanging system. Linked to this transition to digital, remote controls can be equipped with a wireless transmitter that communicates with a receiver connected directly to the wired input chassis plug of the central power rack. A new Neutrik connector (XLR 8 + 2 type) brings this versatility.

Regarding the wireless protocol, Manuel reassures us that it is a highly worked out and secure system: “this device ensures to link orders whose effects are directly related to the security of the installations and services/renal companies employees. Everything has been thought out so that the safety of the whole is permanent. In case of power failure, communication failure or even a simple error on a signal frame, the action in progress is immediately stopped “.

Detailed view of one of the new motor controllers signed by Sonoss.

These remote controls include a lithium battery whose claimed work duration is several days. To recharge them, just connect them to the motors’ power rack controlling the lifts, thanks to this famous XLR 8 + 2, including at the same time connection of the data between the elements and the power supply of the remote boxes. A small trick to preserve the charge of the battery is an accelerometer integrated in these portable controllers, reducing the screen back lighting and the LED indicators lighting when the housing is not used.

A few words about the power rack presented, the choice of using an external wireless receiver is voluntary, so it can be installed outside the total set-up to ensure a reception of the signal as good as possible (2 km in free field, confortable enough!).
This rack also has a phase inversion system for each motor as well as a circuit breaker safety bypass that can only be operated by a key switch. To comply with a maximum of users’needs, each motor output feed has 3 different connectors: CEE, Socapex and Harting.

On the other end of the cable, an example of a new connected rack including (among others): addressing of the lifting motors, phase inversion, link to connect other units, or bypass circuit breakers.

These clever newbies are still under development, so as at today we don’t have any code/reference information yet.

More information on the Sonoss Website.


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Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié. Translation: Bruno P. Souchaud.

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