GLP 25th anniversary presents: S350 Wash, Highlander, Impression FR10 Bar & KNV modules

On the large stand deployed for the 25th anniversary of GLP, in addition to the new modules of the KNV range, three new other fixtures attracted our attention, directly issued from the « Impression » with a design we recognized at first sight. Alexander Braun, Marketing Director for the German brand helped us reviewing all the new fixtures.

Some of the projectors part of GLP history, direct from the company’s private museum, displayed in chronological order.

Last year, we reviewed the Impression S350 Spot, this year German Light Products decided to complete its offering with the S350 Wash version.

While sharing the same Impression series look, the S350 Wash stands out as a versatile Washlight with a 350 W LED source.

Same compact housing as the Spot version (65 cm high with head pointing up), same weight (25.5 kg), same 350 W LED power, all these features position this fixture in the middle of the available powers in the GLP portfolio.
The Wash model obviously doesn’t comprise gobos nor iris, but incorporates a linear CTC, adjustable between 2500 and 8000K. The zoom range is wider than the Spot, from 6 to 60°, i.e. precisely a ratio of 10.

Some steps away, a big shape draws our attention. We’re still in the moving head category here, introducing the impressive « Highlander Wash ».
This new machine takes the codes of the models part of the Impression series, in particular the base, seemingly very thin compared to its moving head, but that is the unique GLP signature since years.

An imposing head for a slim base and a light weight, welcome to the Highlander, powerful Washlight boarding a 1,400 W discharge lamp.

The Highlander is the logical GLP answer to the question of maximum light output (27,000 lumens stated here), while limiting the weight of the fixture.
Here we discover a nearly 80 cm high (head up) moving head, boarding a 1,400 W Osram discharge lamp, a CMY color mixing module with 2 color wheels and a CTO, as well as a 5° to 70° (!) zoom for a total weight of 29.5 kg, nice features indeed.

LED blocks combining matrix and much appreciated effects, the KNV modules series now includes 4 models.
In addition to the already “classic” Cube and Arc, it now comprises the Line and Dot units. The linear version incorporates 5 of the 25 “pixels” from the Cube.
Their identical dimensions and pitch allow numbers of assemblies and combinations without any continuity problem. The Dot module, though, is kinda different, as it has a lone “Pixel”: a center white LED surrounded by 16 matrix controlled RGBW LEDs.

The KNV family gets bigger, the Line and Dot (the latter can get an extra hanging accessory, as shown on the left on the picture) join the Arc and Cube models.

This version is, of course, compatible with the rest of the modules, but stands out a module of its own. It is fed by an external power supply box, with enough power to drive a maximum 25 of these Dot units.

Our encounter with these German products comes to an end with the Impression FR10 Bar, very dynamic effect, a combination of the X4 Bar 20 and 10 individual FR1 sources. The result of this hybridation is a batten comprising 10 RGBW Osram Ostar LED beams, each (here comes the innovation) with an individual zoom, with a wide range from 3.7 à 35°. The whole bar has a motorized tilt with a 200° Tilt range.

10 LED source, each with an individual zoom in the new Impression FR10 Bar, one of the innovations unveiled for the 25th Anniversary of Germand Light Products, aka GLP.

This 1 meter wide fixture would be as much at ease as a lighting source than an effect projectors of cyc batten. We can’t wait to get our hands on a test unit to really dig into it in more favorable conditions.

More informations on the the GLP Website.


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Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié.

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