Jason Mraz Picks Up Good Vibes In Malaysia with Powersoft and JBL

Powering line arrays of JBL VT-4889 and VT-4888, Powersoft X8 and X4L amplifier platforms were integral to the impressive audio system deployed at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur.
Singesen Technical Production and Chan Lee Sound & Light selected this powerful combination for American singer-songwriter, Jason Mraz, as he stopped off in Kuala Lumpur for the third Asian date of his Good Vibes World Tour.

The JBL VTX system hung up on each side of the Jason Mraz stage in the 16,000 capacity Axiata Arena.

As an artist that favours the fidelity of the songs themselves over the usual bells and whistles associated with a modern-day pop show, the quality of the sound at the Axiata Arena had to be the technical crew’s main concern.

Main hangs of JBL VT Series

Main hangs: 12 x JBL VT-4889-1 per side, efficient ol’ timers, with 8 x JBL VT4888 flown per side as side fill. Center (off picture) 6 x JBL VT4888.

The main hangs at the arena were made up of 12 x JBL VT-4889-1 per side, with 8 x JBL VT4888 flown per side as side fill and 6 x JBL VT4888 in the centre. The 20 x JBL VT 4880 subwoofers were ground stacked at the side of the stage, while a series of Nexo PS15 wedge monitors were placed along the downstage edge. A total of 6 x JBL VTX A8 were used as front fill.

The main system was driven by 11 of Powersoft’s road-proven X8 amplifier platforms, while a pair of the company’s latest touring product – the X4L – were also used to power 8 of the VT4880’s, with each channel driving just 2 of the subs.

As Jackie Ng, owner of Singesen, explained: “The gig was used as something of a field test for the X4L amps, before loading it with VT4880A long excursion subwoofers in the future.” You can therefore notice that the 6 other subs per side were driven (each time) by two X8 channels under 2,7 ohms.

One part of the amps, top is a X4L, bottom are three X8.

The Powersoft gear used to drive the Good Vibes in Kuala Lumpur were made available thanks to Singesen Technical Production’s recent investment in the Italian manufacturer’s industry leading technology – a testament to their confidence in the brand.

Ng said: “We have used Outline systems for some time, so we were familiar with the reliability and high-performance levels of Powersoft amplifiers.
When the opportunity to invest in Powersoft amplifiers presented itself, it really was a no brainer for us. Since Powersoft works with all our speakers in our inventory, being an open platform, we couldn’t be happier with our decision.”

Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus software at the helm

As well as the high praise Singesen had from the products themselves, he also highlighted the effectiveness of Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus software during this particular application. “We are big fans of the software’s Smaart v8 integration,” he commented.

Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus software at FOH.

Detail of the Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus screen for the Kuala Lumpur gig.

“In this case, it did a good job of distributing equal SPL to cover all of the major sound locations. The Interactive Tuning plug-in is also a great tool, helping us to keep the system quiet while we do system calibration. This way we see the system response simulation without blasting pink noise at every change. We then only need to verify in the end with the predicted curve.”

A nice line of 4880, 2 x 18″ subs, 8 of them are drivent by the latest very high power Powersoft amp, the X4L, delivering 300 V and 140 A peak, pretty impressive, ain’t it?

Ng was also keen to point out the assistance that came from Powersoft’s staff as well as its software. Jackie Ng concluded: “The technical representative from Powersoft was there when we received our amplifiers, so they were able to make sure that everything was in working order. We then did some testing and, using the Live Impedance data in ArmoníaPlus, we managed to detect an issue with our speakers. Thanks to the software, these problems were rectified quickly and we got on putting on a great show.”

Good Vibes between techies, too! Jason Mraz’ engineers and local crew.

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