New 5.4 and 5.5 versions for MediaMaster Pro ArKaos software

The software evolves quickly while keeping its intuitive ease of use and opening to all markets. Version 5.4 is a very good example of this opening and version 5.5 includes new modes for Blend, playback and new ratio options.

Surface control in DMX, the big step forward for version 5.4.

Version 5.4 brings DMX control of surfaces, a surface being a predefined pixel universe, a kind of virtual output that, in a lighting desk, is managed like any Fixture (projector / source). The console accesses three categories: an effects generator, color settings and mixing with other surfaces (Blend). It is thus possible to create effects either by the generator of the surface or by the console effects generator.

The DMX chart for one surface.

Being able to control the color settings via a lighting desk (or any type of DMX controller in general) is very interesting to create color effects and select a base for the generator. Moreover, in my opinion, it is also very useful to calibrate the color of video sources (LED screen, video projector, LED bar or LED strip).

In addition to the advantage of centralizing all the corrections, it also allows to save them and update them back in the next set-up without having to recalibrate each source one by one. The last type of parameter allows to choose how the surface will interact with others (addition, subtraction, replacement…) and the surface’ dimmer, another way to create effects quickly and simply from the console.

The second new feature in this release is compatibility with Pioneer’s Pro DJ Link. The latest versions of the Japanese brand’s turntables can send Time Code, BPM and Metadata information to media servers over the network, and fully control a show by synchronizing music and video.

Grand VJ becomes compatible with DJ Link from Pioneer.

Version 5.5

The Belgian brand is not resting on its laurels, it version 5.5 now incorporates new modes for Blend and playback functions as well as new ratio options. The 6 new modes of the Blend function are Difference, Exclusion, Darken, Lighten, Screen and Overlay.
They increase the possibilities of interaction and creation between the media, thus giving more diversity to the shows. With the new playback mode, it is possible to separate the intensity of the layer and the “playback” and “stop playback” features of the media as soon as the intensity of the layer drops. This active mode by default can of course be disabled.

The third feature is a 1/1 ratio that keeps the original size of the media output instead of extending it to the size of the output. This avoids distortion and ratio calculations between media resolution and output ratio. When the 1/1 mode is engaged, you can then position the media in the output wherever you want or need with the dedicated tool.

Here’s a video where ArKaos explains all the new features of version 5.5.

More info on the ArKaos Website.

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Text & photos: Stéphane Mocret. Translation: Bruno P. Souchaud.

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