New software version for Modulo Player, the Media Server from Modulo Pi

Modulo Pi is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Modulo Player v5.2, as well as a new version of its embedded live mixer which now includes full integration of Stream Deck control pads.
Modulo Player is a cost-effective hardware and software system combining the extensive capabilities of a media server and a live mixer.

The embedded low-latency live mixer is available for MacOs and Windows through a dedicated application. Operators can work at the same time on Modulo Player’s software and the live mixer application, allowing cost and time saving.
The mixer’s intuitive user interface allows to access Program and Preview screens, create an unlimited number of destinations and mix engines, work with presets, manage layer properties and transition effects including borders, keying, mask, fade, flying.

A new version of the embedded live mixer now offers full support of the Stream Deck and Stream Deck XL control pads by Elgato. Thanks to an editor directly integrated in Modulo Player’s remote software and mixer application, operators can now easily customize the LCD keys of the Stream Deck.
All parameters entered in the editor appear in real-time on the Stream Deck pads.

Modulo Player and its embedded mixer can support any number of Stream Deck pads at the same time, providing a user-friendly solution to control presets or recall tasks.
Modulo Player v5.2 further extends the show control capabilities of the system. On top of the existing wide library of video-projectors, mixers, and matrices that can be controlled through Modulo Player, Modulo Pi is adding more than 40 new devices which can now easily interact with Modulo Player.

The new devices include NDI PTZ cameras control, as well as a series of USB phidgets such as controllers, sensors, motors, GPIO, RFID tags, etc. Now included in Modulo Player’s internal library, the phidgets expand the interactivity and automation capabilities of Modulo Player.
One can easily create tasks in Modulo Player that will trigger automatically depending on the phidgets’ variables such as temperature, humidity, lux levels, distance, and more. All enhancements and references of the new supported devices are included in Modulo Player’s new user manual.

About Modulo Pi
Founded in 2010, Modulo Pi has developped a new generation of Media Servers in close collaboration with Image Studios, Venues and Technicians all over the world. With more than 15 years of experience in innovative media server solutions from its creator, Modulo Pi offers mainly 2 solutions: Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic.
Designed for quick and effective adaptation to any project, these solutions are used on hundreds of productions acros a wide range of applications: events, theme parks, museums, tours, and more.

More information on the Modulo Pi Website.


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