Nexo goes 12″ coaxial Point Source: new high-output P12 & matched L15 subbass

This year, NEXO is marking its 40th anniversary. Over the last 3 decades, the company has become synonymous with high-output point-source loudspeaker design, in particular the PS Series which has become an industry standard.
Surprisingly, given NEXO’s long-standing global reputation for point-source loudspeakers, this is the first time Nexo has designed a 12” enclosure. The much-anticipated P12 promises to establish a new benchmark for the all-purpose point-source cabinet that can deliver at front-of-house, on stage, and as part of a distributed system.

Nexo P12 and L15. Versatile, indeed.

With its curvy modern aesthetic and best-in-class performance specifications, this new P12 is an ultra-versatile multi-purpose loudspeaker, bringing ingenious technical innovation to a wide range of sound reinforcement applications.
To retain some of the characteristics of the PS Series, inside the curvilinear enclosure of custom birch and poplar plywood, the P12 employs a purpose-designed 12” LF Neodymium driver and 3” diaphragm HF driver in a coaxial configuration. The cabinet footprint is very compact, measuring 531mm x 432mm x 317mm. Frequency response is 60Hz-20kHz, and the SPL is an impressive 138dB Peak (passive)/140dB Peak (active mode), making it the most powerful point-source design in its class in today’s market.

In an innovative design twist which allows the user to customise his or her P12 cabinet, the horn flanges can be interchanged to deliver a variety of directivities – from the 60°x 60° that is provided as standard, to a 90°x 40° or an asymmetrical 50°- 100°x 40°.
The interchangeable flanges are marketed as accessories. Switching between different directivities can be accomplished in just 15 seconds, easily removing the steel grille and replacing the flare, which uses a magnetic fixing.

Record to beat: 15 seconds to change directivity of P12, thanks to its magnetic flange clever design.

Less than 20 kg in weight, the ergonomic design of the P12 includes carry handles on each side, pole-mount fitting with an ingeniously-positioned Speakon connector behind it to allow tidy cable management, and threaded inserts for connection of mounting accessories. P12 can be used on a pole-mount with the L15 subbass cabinet, wall-mounted or flown in landscape mode beneath a L15 enclosure, using a specially-designed yoke bracket.

Denis Baudier, Commercial Director, Nexo.

NEXO expects that one of the principal applications of the new P12 enclosure will be on stage as the most versatile wedge monitor speaker on the market.
The variable directivity feature will effectively treble the deployment of any inventory of P12 floor monitors, and the cabinet is designed for the rigours of touring use, with an extra-robust grille and scratch-resistant paint finish. Denis Baudier, Sales Director of NEXO, describes the P12 monitor as “lower profile and definitively sexier than any competitive product.

P12 as wedge monitor.

For a vocalist, there is better dispersion because of the angle of the cabinet, and variable dispersion means each box can be precisely tailored to its user, from lead guitarist to horn section to backing singer.”

With a switch on the back of the cabinet, the P12 is easy to reconfigure from Passive to Active mode, thus achieving 140dB Peak SPL.
This is the first NEXO speaker to be purpose-designed to use the processing capacity of the new NXAMP4x2mk2 amplifier, although it is fully compatible with the larger NXAMP4x4. The processing in the NXAMP4x2mk2 is very precise, with separate set-ups for each directivity providing perfect coverage.

L15, ideal partner of the P12.

To partner the P12, NEXO is launching the L15 subbass cabinet, specially designed in a matching footprint which makes it ideal for flown applications, and for use as a drumfill.
With a new acoustic loading technique using a 15” bass horn, the L15 operates with maximum efficiency: nearly all the front face of the cabinet is used as a radiating surface to provide really impressive output. With a frequency range of 40Hz-120Hz, and 139dB Peak SPL, this sub measures up as the most powerful in its category in the market.

Touring and installation versions of the P12 and its partner L15 sub will be produced in black and white scratch-resistant paint finishes, the first use of a new paint process which is stated by Joseph Carcopino, NEXO’s head of R&D, as “100 times better than before”. Applied using a special process, the paint finish prepares the P12 for use in all climate conditions, and enables it to deal robustly with the demands of stage monitoring use. TUV and IP54 certification is provided for the installation version of the P12.

Joseph Carcopino

Joseph Carcopino adds about the new techniques in cabinet construction, and available componentry: “Starting with the cabinet itself, we used a light poplar veneer inside which is 30% lighter than the standard wood we use at NEXO. We installed a new machine to handle the veneer, effectively producing the equivalent of a moulded cabinet in wood.

This gives us a better quality, super-tough enclosure, with a rounded shape that was inspired by the first PS design, launched back in 1992. Constructing it in bent wood minimises the number of parts we have to glue together, which in turn reduces vibration and makes it sound better. With the curved shape, it is easier to handle the box, particularly in a wedge monitor application.”

Rounded shape for cabinet in light poplar veneer.

“P12 is the first point-source cabinet that we have developed with a coaxial design, and so users will conclude that there are no longer Left cabinet and Right cabinet, as they are fully symmetric, so they work the same way even upside down.
Using the same neodymium magnets for LF and HF frequencies saves weight, so in terms of the all-important power:size ratio, this is a high-performing compact cabinet.

Externally, with its scratch-resistant paint finish, the enclosure will be more resilient on the road. It has a super-strong grille, and even our Sales Director Denis Baudier can stand on it without bending it out of shape!”

More info on Nexo’s Website.


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Text: Nexo. Photos: Nexo & Ludo Monchat.

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