Oxo Colorbeam 150 BFX, cute little wonder

About a year ago, Oxo introduced a unique little LED fixture that has been discovered by some lighting designers who have found this small and unusual luminaire to be a real champion for creating very nice effects at a very little cost.

I personally was completely captivated when I discovered it and I have been looking forward to introducing it to you. We can still consider it a novelty, because it still has some great accomplishments ahead of it.
First of all, and although we usually do not start by presenting a product from this point of view, it is essential to set the scene: the Colorbeam 150 BFX costs €189 (list price) excluding VAT, in other words it is beyond economical.

It owes its low price to a simple design (we would almost say "simplistic" if we weren't afraid that it would be interpreted as pejorative). It is nonetheless well designed, with components that meet the standards for a lightweight but professional-level product. It is also – and above all – a luminaire designed to be used in large numbers.

What's it for?


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