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Heavyweight distributor at Plasa, Robe is almost the only manufacturer to invest in a full show at London’s Plasa, of which he has been an important sponsor for many years. This year saw the end of the famed ‘Adventures’ trilogy of shows in favor of a new session referring to cult movies of the 80’s.

The Plasa Robe stand.

Dancers inspired by Lara Croft, Indiana Jones and Jack Burton have turned into professor Emmett Brown and young hero Marty McFly for an accelerated musical, around a mythical DeLorean car and many special effects, flames, CO2 and fountains . In addition to the SuperSpikie, SilverScan and the waterproof iPointe launched at the beginning of this year, the “Return to The Future” show unveiled in exclusivity two new Robe projectors; the Tetra leds bar and the very first interchangeable LED engine moving head projector, 100% Czech made, the Esprite.


Impatiently awaited by the entire Robe community, the Esprite is the first automatic projector with interchangeable Led module. This 650W WTE ™ (White Transferable Engine) light source, result of a long research work, is a Robe exclusive.
This new concept comes from deep thoughts on the durability of LED projectors over time, at a time when the technology offers every year year a better lumen per watt ratio, quickly making previous generations obsolete.

Just having won an Innovation Award, Esprite made a great start at London’s Plasa.

For Robe, to be able to simply change the LED module, and not all the machine, proves to be essential. Easy replacements are provided in the event of breakdown, to make homogeneous different rental stocks, or to receive new future modules whose efficiency and effectiveness can bring up to 30% more light, with the same dimensions.

This long-term vision involves integrating the cooling block and providing an extra 100 W power supply more for future LED modules. The source change, or, to use a ReLamping-derived Anglicism, the ReLeding, takes place in just a few minutes, without complex calibration procedures.

In its original engine, the Esprite benefits from a boost mode and optics specially designed by Robe to produce up to 27,000 lumens of luminous flux. By controlling the light output and choosing among the three highest the CRI settings of 90, the Esprite generates an average of 18,000 lumens: an ideal positioning for theaters and standard scenes, pleasing them as well with the 27.8 kg of the device and its 150 mm lens.

The Esprite benefits from the innovations brought up by the Viva, the T1 and the MegaPointe to offer a 5,5 ° to 50 ° zoom, a CMY color mixing positioned just after the LED source to guarantee a beam spread and consistence of the colors without optical defects; two wheels of 5 colors each; two gobo wheels, 7 of which are rotating and 9 are fixed, taking on the best-selling Robe features; a set of CTO filters; a 6 facet prism; two 1 ° and 5 ° Frosts and an animation wheel.

The presence of a 4-color crest on the pastel color wheel shades now makes it easy to create multicolor animations. In addition, a 4-blade module inspired by the T1 ends up the wide range of effects available on the Esprite. Going even further, the ventilation ducts have been redesigned to prevent any dust spoiling the optics, while the setting of the optical hot spot associated with an optional lens will meet the needs of theaters with a convection of forms of gobos without hot spot.

While waiting for the official launch of the Esprite on the 9th of October at Robe Lighting France’s Happy Hours, Ondrej Hegar, Dress product manager, introduced it in as a preview for us at Plasa 2019.


Esprite Vidéo présentation


Named after the Tetragnathe spider, but stretched, the Tetra is a LED bar inspired by the Spiider cells. Like an unrolled version of the latter, the Tetra bar is composed of 18 RGBW 40 W LEDs, like as many pixels, of which the 5th and the 14th integrate the MCFE ™ (Multi-Colored Flower Effects) effect.
With its tilt management and 4,5 ° to 45 ° zoom, Robe joins the hype around this type of projectors able to go from upside down light to light curtain, while offering a very graphic management of the lighting.

Thanks to a mechanical construction allowing an edge-to-edge installation, the Plasa Robe show was able to demonstrate the range of possible effects of this LED bar, integrating sACN, Art-Net or Kling-Net protocols to be controlled without any trouble by a Media Server like ArKaos.

As a nod to French users, Vincent Bouquet of Robe Lighting France offered a tour of the Tetra in almost native English.


A new update of the RoboSpot system has been online for a few days. Simultaneous control of several sources, the Multi-Device Control is enhanced by a precision scale for height with high and low thresholds, as well as a new function, the MDC Intensity Maps. This option allows you to define several zones of particular light levels on stage and lets the RoboSpot automatically calculate the transitions between these different zones. A CTO channel is now available in the selection of color buttons.

Overcoming the flooded laboratory of “Back to the Future”, the RoboSpots are now an indispensable asset to Dress shows.

The PosiStageNet protocol used by Robe is able to send its real-time 3D positioning data across the network to integrate into different operating systems.
Several RDM fixes have been defined to allow its use with special RDM splitters, called “Multiple Devices”.

Finally, the RoboSpot is now compatible with Viva ™ CMY, LEDBeam 150 ™, Spiider®, Tarrantula ™, Esprite ™, iPointe® and, above all, the SilverScan ™ projectors, making it the fastest automated tracking on the circuit.

More info on Robe Lighting website

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Text and photos : Tristan Szylobryt – Vidéo : Allison Cussigh

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