Wireless Solutions ProBox F-2500 in G5

The ProBox F2500 at Prolight+Sound exhibition, after two years of development.

The ProBox F-2500 represents the fifth generation of Wireless DMX transceivers created by the Swedish guys at Wireless Solution, who sign here their most accomplished device and concept.

ProBox F-2500, Generation 5

Looking like a 19-inch rackable processing unit in 1U format, it can be used as a transmitter, as a receiver or as a repeater, depending of its mode. Being the only product in this range able to manage four individual and distinct DMX universes in “Double-Up” mode, it has two spatial diversity antennas, offering a long throw of up to 700 m.

The ProBox F-2500 can be used at the same time as a receiver and a transmitter, thanks to its « One-Button » menu, using the same routines of the previous versions.

With this new technology, the famous G5, you use several frequencies in 3 bands: 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8 GHz, to transmit DMX512 data signals, including a complete support of RDM.
Another innovation is the native recognition of Art-Net II and III protocols, of the sACN and, as an option, a Wi-Fi card can be inserted to communicate directly with light remote control apps on tablets or smartphones.

The use of the AFHSS (stands for Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), seeking busy channels to further reduce interference, is coupled with the Data-Safe system to protect the data from interferences, and eventually correct transmission loss.

Equipped with an universal 90/260 V 50-60 Hz supply thru PowerCon input and an ancillary 12 V DC supply, the ProBox can be used anywhere in the world.

This true wireless DMX highway is used directly by using the 5-pin DMX connectors on the front or rear panel, or by sending an ArtNet or sACN signal in the RJ45 EtherCon socket.

Compatible with the former G3 and G4S technologies, it can be used with the majority of Wireless Solution’s partner brands, such as ADB, Claypaky, Portman, Chauvet, Elation, Robert Juliat, Cameo, Starway, etc. Supplied with two tri-band antennas with a gain of 3dBi, the ProBox F-2500 is equipped with N-type antenna connectors, allowing the use of any type of antenna picked in the Wireless Solution accessories range, for coverage of up to several kilometers .

Its list price should be less than 1,700 € HT, depending on countries, just ask your local distributor

More information on the Wireless Solution Website.


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Text & photos: Tristan Szylobryt.

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