Optician, French plastics manufacturer

Gaggione, shaping your light

Gaggione, optician, French plastics manufacturer, specialised in producing high quality optics associated with LEDs, is one of the world’s top three companies in the sector, if not the very best, thanks to over half a century’s experience in plastics manufacturing, its staff and its R&D tool resources.

French Lighting Hire company Régie Lumière provides High Tech Light Kit

Mika at the Casino de Paris

Singer, song writer Mika with a string of English Funk/Pop hits to his name, gave two sold out concerts at the Casino de Paris atthe end of last year. Lighting kit was provided by Régie Lumière a Paris based and long established lighting hire company who suggested Martin’s Mac Viper and the ilumo ZOOM LED Spot from Lumonic. Lighting Designer Justin Shaw was just astonished and even entranced by the lights.

Independence Day Boss in Paris ...

Bruce Springsteen

An evening of fun, an evening of excess and an evening of dreams, this is what Bruce Springsteen gave us on the most wonderful Independence Day France has ever witnessed. With the E-Street Band as tight as ever and the Boss rock-solid despite his 63 years, they managed to throw the breakers at the Palais omnisports de Paris in Bercy four times during the soundcheck! With Avid Venue and 160 L-Acoustics enclosures brought to bear, John “Coop” Cooper as Chief blaster and Soundlightup as a lucky witness, we can now certify that rock and roll is still alive!

Lighting Designer Jeff Ravitz scores a pure Rock’n’Roll moment!

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Paris

To our great delight the Wrecking Ball tour hit Paris Bercy for two days, allowing us to (re)discover a true American rock concert, traditional style, with a setup in which the audience surrounds the stage area and the singer for a total communion, which was an obvious pleasure to watch.

8 gems in the making

The Voice tour 2012

And we thought TV was going to be mad at music forever. Apparently this is not the case and the insolent success of the show The Voice, properly nourished with powdered Star Academy and Nouvelle Star porridge, is the living proof of that. With the help of television magic, eight up-and-coming artists groove this summer throughout France in The Voice Tour 2012, cheered by an audience as young as it is enthusiastic and accompanied by a very solid group, effective lights and five top dogs on sound. SLU attended one of the first dates in Bordeaux.

Bellote and FIR V-Dosc on duty

Symphonic Julien Clerc

Like many artists before him, Julien Clerc (a famous French singer) has succumbed to a symphonic sound and has enlisted a group of 40 musicians, with which his songs present and past take on a special importance. Faithful to the artist and assisted by Laurent Midas at the monitor desk, Laurent “Bellote” Delenclos was given the responsibility of the sound on this tour – which is more pop than classical – and has some tricks up his sleeve.

It's obviously Kara!

Plisson immerses Dracula in a bath of sound

Dracula opts for simplicity despite the modern and smart infrastructure, delivering clear vocals and concert sensations at a reasonable SPL. You will think this is normal, when the show’s producer is called Thierry Suc and that one Stéph Plisson is also involved, happy as a trumpet fish in a bath of sound.

Under the divine light of Dimitri Vassiliu

Adam et Eve in the garden of leds

Giving humanity a second chance to live in harmony as a bro- therhood and with respect for nature, it is an opportunity for Pascal Obispo to describe our world of contrasts and to convey a very rich musical and choreographic content, blending rock, pop and electronic music with his musical comedy. Will the love of the rich blond golden boy Adam for the pretty poor mixed-race Eve save the world? In any case, these two, each with their clan, almost continuously attract 25 performers on stage, including singers, dancers and even acrobats. One can imagine the diffi- culty for the lighting designer Dimitri Vassiliu, in showing off this small world in the stage setting.