In 2023, let’s do it with less electrical power

This is the story of a current. An electrical one. It should connect men, bring them energy, comfort, warmth, and light, and yet a twilight gangster who thinks he is a Tsar deprives the Ukrainian people of it, plunged into a war as useless as it is barbaric.

The French political elite is not doing any better by betting on all-electric to fight global warming while abandoning the nuclear sector and not developing enough renewables, which is called squaring the circle for the ENA (a French “grande √©cole”,i.e. an elite institution, which aims to train civil servants).
It is also the energy that has supplied the air conditioners of the stadiums of the newly rich of the desert sands who, with great blows of bribes and sacrificed subcontracting, bought their moment of glory.
The electricity that our American friends are manufacturing by fracturing the planet and its resources, and emitting an astronomical amount of various greenhouse gases while launching the war of cheap amperage to attract energy-guzzling companies in search of a new age relocation.

Finally, it is this same current that feeds our businesses and gives life to our events and their technical infrastructures. If LEDs, switching power supplies and class D amps have almost completely supplanted halogens, toroidals (stadiums), and the like in our parks, electrical requirements have not reduced that much in size.

So since there must be wishes during this holiday season, let’s take into account the scarcity and price of the kWh (kilowatt per hour), and even more of the virtuous kWa because it is renewable or does not emit greenhouse gases. In 2023, let’s do more and better, but with less electrical power, our planet will thank us and for the holidays, take it easy on the electrical needs and go full on the celebration!

The editorial team joins me in wishing you wonderful holidays and a year full of good news, warm wishes, a calmer and supportive year, exciting and fun for all.

Ludovic Monchat


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Text by Ludovic Monchat – Translation by Ted Hall

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