L-Acoustics Reveals Compact, Full-Range K3 Line Source

L-Acoustics rounds out its industry-leading K Series with the introduction of K3, the manufacturer’s smallest full-range enclosure, designed to deliver big sound for mid-size events with audiences ranging from 1,000 to 10,000. K3 provides full-range bandwidth, without the need for a flown companion subwoofer.
Its highly efficient design reduces amplification needs. These features make K3 faster and simpler, as well as more economical and sustainable to deploy.

Florent Bernard

“K3 is ready for the events of today and tomorrow,” shares L-Acoustics Executive Director of Application Design Florent Bernard. “Our design team created a dual-12-inch-based system with the form factor and price of a 10-inch design, without the inherent performance compromises of 10-inch loudspeakers.

K3 offers long-throw, full-range performance in a compact, accessible package, tailor-made for small to mid-capacity events and venues that are the mainstay of most sound providers.

It is a ‘no compromises’ tool, perfectly adapted to the current event landscape and, when paired with K1 and K2, is quickly and powerfully scalable for large-capacity events.”

Providing the full-range L-Acoustics contour from an enclosure that is 33% smaller than K2 and weighing only 43 kg (95 lbs), K3 is ideal for applications that require plenty of power and bandwidth from a small form factor, including mid-size tours, festivals, corporate events, religious services and other productions. Dimensioned to keep sightlines clear, K3 integrates easily into venues with space restrictions.

The dimensions of K3 are those of K2 to the nearest millimeter in height and depth, except its width which is appreciably less.

The new two-way active WST enclosure possesses all of the hallmarks that have made K Series the reference in line array technology, including optimized mechanical design for reduced weight, laminar vents for powerful and linear low frequency response, and time-tested effortless rigging.

The entire K family introducing K3 right in the middle of the picture !.

K3 also features L-Acoustics Panflex™ technology, which provides sound designers with quick access to a choice of four horizontal directivity patterns: 70° or 110° symmetrical or 90° asymmetrical on either side. With Panflex and inter-element angles ranging from 0° to 10°, K3 line source coverage can be precisely tailored to fit any audience geometry.

The horizontal beamwidth of K3 at 110° with an ideal result for the 4” and a visibly controlled behavior even in the lower midrange. Single cabinet diagram.

At 70° the low midrange dispersion appears a little less maintained (the horizontal beamwidth is showed at -3, -6 and -12 dB at each change of colors) but from 1 kHz on, is almost perfect and a guarantee of a good mastery of the reflections and a long range.

K3 delivers a full full range response very close to that of its two illustrious elders with a few Hz less in the extreme low end and the high end.

Equipped with the L-Acoustics signature DOSC waveguide for long-throw capability (>35 m/100 ft), K3 boasts an exceptional bandwidth of 42 Hz to 20 kHz (-10 dB, 70° directivity) and maximum SPL of 143 dB.

The complement in contour with a pair of KS28 carrying 4 K3 for a formidable stack. Which DJ will ask for it ?

An array made of the forthcoming K3i with its specific and very stripped K3i-Bump frame.

An L-ISA project in extended mode with K3 which risks becoming the benchmark speaker for this use by objects thanks to its smaller size and weight.

K3 without its front face, rare enough to be shown.

Without needing a dedicated subwoofer, K3 can be used as the main system for vocal and music reinforcement in most applications, or as a complement to K1 or K2 as outfills or delays.
When deployed with KS28 subwoofers, K3 excels as a compact main system for sonically demanding live events.

A 3D rendering of a 18 K3 array A single LA_RAK II fixed on the bumper with specific accessories, is needed to control and amplify it.

The product’s power-efficient system design meets today’s requirement for more sustainable deployment and reduced truck space.
One LA12X amplified controller can power up to six K3, meaning that a single LA-RAK AVB unit can drive up to 18 K3.

With the first K3 production units already shipping to customers, L-Acoustics will deliver K3i, a fixed install version, in Q1 2021.
K3i will be superbly suited for an even larger range of applications using a distributed approach.

For more information on the new K3, visit the L-Acoustics website

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