Martin Audio Launches Blackline X218 Subwoofer

Martin Audio started 2020 with the announcement of the X218 subwoofer, answering numerous requests and extending yet further the company’s best ever selling portable series, BlacklineX.
BlacklineX, announced in 2016, was the first new series developed under the management of Dom Harter and was an instant hit, delivering performance and value for a range of applications including portable sound reinforcement and stage monitoring for live bands, DJ’s and corporate events, to installations in nightclubs, bars, commercial spaces and Houses of Worship.

Soon to be shipped, the X218

The original line-up comprised just a 15” and single 18” subwoofer and so as Harter says : “the success of the BlacklineX series led to numerous calls to extend the range with a double 18” subwoofer, and we’re delighted to kick off the new year with this punchy sub at an equally punchy price point.”

The X218 is a dual-driver, high performance subwoofer with an operating range of 42 Hz to 200 Hz ± 3dB and passes 33 Hz at -10dB. It produces high output levels—141dB peak SPL (half space)—with low distortion and can be used singly or stacked horizontally.
It features dual 18”/4” voice coil, long-excursion ferrite magnet drivers in a reflex enclosure with eight large ports that reduce air turbulence at high output levels. The weight is 88kg.

For added versatility in deployment, the X218 is fitted with a 35mm pole-mount socket for mounting BlacklineX full-range enclosures, and integral M10 inserts provide for eyebolt suspension of a single enclosure. When used with BlacklineX Series full-range systems, crossover and EQ functions can be performed by the DX0.5 or DX4.0 system controllers or by a Martin Audio amplifier with onboard DSP.

Dominic Harter

Summing up, Harter said : “Our double-digit growth for the last three years has been largely born out of a new product drive and this latest addition to the best-selling BlacklineX series starts the year off nicely. It will further drive our pedigree and success in value-led portable and installation applications.”

Shipping is scheduled worldwide from early May 2020.

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