Robe launches CUETE


CUETE is the latest moving head spot light fixture from Robe is a perfect compact, high-quality solution for small-to-medium productions, performance spaces or installations.

Robe wants to address some of the demands coming from the lighting professionals with the Cuete.
It’s features, includes a fast pan and tilt movement to match with all genres of electronic music, for highlighting the creative work of DJs and enhancing club environments.

The Cuete, also offers a CMY colour mixing system and an 4,200-lumen output of white light according to the manufacturer.
To achieve this output Cuete utilises Robe’s patented TE 120W White LED Engine which is at the core of the Transferable Engine technology.

The Cuete‘s16-degree fixed beam lens has remote control focus and can be swapped to the optional 24-degree lenses for shorter throw and low ceiling scenarios. Within its small frame, the Cuete is action-packed with Robe innovation.

This includes a CPulse flicker-free management system for setups using HD and UHD cameras, important for live streams / broadcasts; the L3 Low Light Linearity dimming software for super-smooth fades to black and the AirLOC (Less Optical Cleaning) technology which keeps the optical elements in good conditions over long time periods.

Vidéo de Présentation

CUETE Product Video from ROBE lighting on Vimeo.

The fixture’s effects package includes a Colour Wheel with 13 dichroic filters; a Gobo Wheel with 9 fully indexable, rotating, replaceable gobos; a Static Gobo Wheel with 10 fixed gobos including four beam reducers: there is an 8-facet bi-directional rotating prism and a 5-degree frost filter to assist with producing fabulous, smooth even washes.

Robe Cuete color wheel

Robe Cuete fixed gobos

Robe Cuete rotating gobos

With this excellent combination of speed, features, and very small footprint, Robe’s Cuete is also a perfect spot light partner to the just-released LEDBeam 350.

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