Brute Force 6, the new lumens LED generator on steroids from Chroma-Q

The name is the game! When a manufacturer uses the words “Force” and “Brute” in the same product name, you might guess easily this machine boasts unusual features.

The almighty Brute Force 6, a 144,000 lumens beast.

What have we got in front of us? Probably one of the largest LED sources presented during this interesting 2019 Prolight + Sound edition, a machine of 1.5 m by 1.65 m for 30 cm deep, a huge panel divided into 6 columns, each containing 16 RGBW LED sources. While scrolling thru the detailed technical leaflet, we notice that it is a version of 6 Studio Force II (already in the Chroma-Q catalog) assembled together.

Taking advantage of a brief respite of sheer luminous power during the demo, we shot these details of the projector and its independent sources in close-up.

Mostly dedicated to TV and cinema, the Brute Force 6 has several control modes, in addition to the classic RGBW, it can be set in Cine-Q, 8 or 16 bits, or HSi (hue, saturation, gradation) on several types of hue ranges.

The temperature of the white is adjustable between 2800 and 6500K, and unsurprisingly, the color rendering index (CRI) is high, announced at its best at 94. The LED sources may, if necessary, be controlled independently, with 96 control channels. The control can obviously be DMX512 (RDM compatible), or optional wireless DMX.

Lets’ talk power, as here lies the difference with this robotised colossus! At full 100% full, this machine can modestly deliver 144,000 lumens with a 22° beam angle. It is ideal for atmospheric effects or stunning with light stage or TV sets ready to welcome it.

You “only” need 96,000 lumens? Have a go at the Brute Force 4, a so-called « light » version of the Brute Force 6, with two less LED columns on the sides. Talking about electrical consumption, it remains quite reasonable, as the Brute Force 6 will only require 15 amps @ 230 V.
As the saying goes “we have nothing for nothing”, this device displays 175 kg on the scale. With so much power and such a scale, we did expect this kind of performance, nevertheless it remains remarkable!

More information on the Chroma-Q Website.


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Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié.

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