Electric Zoo Festival in New York

Jonathan Goldstein’s original Design includes huge video screens and 80 MagicPanel™602

Electric Zoo Festival

At the center of the media image, slowly rotating MagicPanel units produced remarkable, dynamic, 3D volumetric animations.

The Electric Zoo Festival is, by far, the largest Electronic Dance Music event in New York City, with 190 international artists from the global electronic music scene performing over 3 days (and into the night) on 5 stages for 150,000 enthusiastic attendees. 2013 marks the fifth year for Electric Zoo. With each successive iteration, Production Designer Jonathan Goldstein has pushed the edge of the envelope for technological originality – with more stages and more fabulous visual environments. In 2012 StarLight Visual won an award from the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival for the first live 3D stage design incorporating custom 3D animations, 30,000 pairs of glasses distributed, and live 3D HD cameras.

Electric Zoo Festival

Main Stage East in pre-production: at the center of a wide V shaped video screen is a matrix of 80 MagicPanelTM602 units. Trusses above carry Vari*Lite VL 3500 Wash, VL 3000 and Martin Atomic 3000 strobes. In the proscenium, on the stage floor and on the sides are many, many Clay Paky Sharpy units (still under platic covers). The 8-light units at the top are dedicated blinders.

This year’s festival also saw the addition of a new Stage, called the “Main Stage East” - which featured over 8,000 square feet of Nocturne 28 mm video screens surrounding a matrix of 80 Ayrton MagicPanel™602 LED beam projectors. Jonathan and his assistant Matt Shimamoto were first introduced to MagicPanel via You Tube videos of the impressive, 25-fixture display at the ProLights & Sound trade show in Frankfurt, Germany (April 2013). They reacted immediately and, in more than tripling that number, assembled the largest MagicPanel installation in the world to date! Magnificent!

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