Peter Bence with Audio-Technica: fortissimo piano!

2.0 type of artist but a hell of a keyboard player, Peter Bence is indeed sending the social networks’ speedos into turmoil, and now making his live public go bananas. We met him to discover his passion for the sound he plays and produces, with the help of Audio-Technica.

But first and foremost, if you don’t know the artist, Google his name and listen to his work, especially his very elaborate piano sound. Peter doesn’t hide it, while worshiping his instrument, he’s not looking for a natural sound, but for a fatter sound, filling the whole space to replace whatever part of the arrangements of the song covers he goes for freely.

He welcomed us with Bertrand Allaume, Product Manager for Audio-Technica, before his Casino de Paris show during one hour, while warming up his fingers on the keyboard. Let him be thanked for a rather rare gesture. Waiting for him to join us, we scroll through his microphones inventory with Bertrand.


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