Harman Professional systems to showcase Studer Vista 5 Black Edition on HHB Stand at IBC 2018

L’écran de la 5 BE et son code couleur.

HHB Communications Ltd (HHB), a global leader in professional audio technology, announced HARMAN Professional Solutions will showcase the Studer Vista 5 Black Edition on the HHB Communications stand 8.D56 at IBC2018.
The Vista 5 BE supports all of Studer’s range of Infinity Core products, including the Infinity Core 300, 600 and 1000, and the new Compact Infinity Core, 300 and 600 versions. It also supports the Compact CoreLink Card and Studer’s Infinity Core Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solution.

Le Compact Core 600

The IT-friendly solution allows customers to run Studer’s real-time audio processing on their own server hardware just by adding a standard PCIe Infinity CoreLink card.
With all the capabilities of the Vista series consoles, the Studer Vista 5 BE with its highly flexible feature set will find favour amongst users in broadcast production, live sound, and performance venues.

L’écran de la 5 BE et son code couleur.

The Vista 5 BE is an affordable mixing desk that combines a Studer control surface with support for the industry-leading Infinity Core processing engine and is available in 22, 32 and 42 fader counts.
The console’s features include Studer’s unique and patented Vistonics interface and FaderGlow technology, providing the operator with an instant illuminated overview of the console status, increasing user visibility and dramatically improving reaction time and reducing the stress of mixing in an environment where there is no second chance. Studer Vista 5 BE also supports an optional TFT meter bridge.

La série Glacier

In addition, HARMAN will present Studer’s fully scalable and customisable Studer Glacier solution that provides comprehensive control, flexibility and interoperability for any on-air application. Multiple modules can be added to create custom-tailored consoles that bring new levels of control and versatility to any broadcast.

Also, on the stand is the Studer Micro series, a compact digital audio mixing system that provides the features and functionality of a high-end mixing system, making it ideal for radio, production studios, ENG/DSNG, and more.

La série Micro

Mark Pascoe, Director of Sales and Marketing at HHB Communications, said: “HARMAN Professional Solutions will revolutionise the audio community by introducing the new Vista 5 Black Edition at IBC2018.
We are excited to have them on our stand demonstrating their latest affordable mixing console.”

Visit HHB Communications on stand 8.D56 at IBC2018 between 14–18 September 2018.

And more information on the Studer website


Ayrton’s Bora official video presentation

Ayrton introduces Bora, a sophisticated and fully equipped compact 750 W double wash fixture, the Stage and the True Color.

The Stage delivers a record-breaking output of 38 000 lumens. Both will be launched at Plasa, Sunday, Sept. 16th. Click to see the official video.
One name for two wash luminaires. Ayrton introduces Bora, a sophisticated and fully equipped compact 750 W double wash fixture, the Stage and the True Color. The Stage delivers a record-breaking output of 38 000 lumens.

Both will be launched at Plasa, Sunday, September 16th. Please visit the Ambersphere booth (K40) and Below the official presentation video.

More information on the Ayrton website


LA Network Manager 2.6.1 and the firmware 2.9.2 are available for download

The August 29, 2018 LA Network Manager, firmware and preset library is available for download on the L-Acoustics.com website.

This release pack include new features:

  • LA Network Manager 2.6.1 / Firmware 2.9.2
  • Support of P1 AVB digital audio processor.
  • Group names can be up to 16 characters long.
  • One additional FIR plateau filter centered at 1250 Hz on LA4, LA8, LA4X, and LA12X.

Preset Library 6.0

  • New preset [KARADOWNK2] for Kara as down-fill of a K2 flown array.
  • Updated K1 and K1-SB presets with optimized L-DRIVE settings on LF sections.
  • Updated [X15_MO] with EQ optimization of the HF section.
  • Adjusted output gain in presets for K1-SB, KS28, SB28, SB18, SB218 and SB118 to provide 8 dB of headroom.

Refer to the LA Network Manager Help for complete details. Please, click here to reach it.

High End Shine at Live You Play

For the eighth year running, Music Inside Rimini (MIR) and LIVE welcomed a host of lighting companies including High End Systems to take part in the annual Italian event ‘Live You Play’.
LIVE events began in 2010 with a resolution to provide visitors with the chance to experience audio, lighting, video and installation technologies from a live performance on stage. This year, there was both a Virtual and a Live show organised at the event.

Lighting designer Trevor Burk organised the structure of High End Systems fixtures in the Virtual show whilst lighting programmer Francesco De Cave arranged the design of the same fixtures for music band ‘POP deluxe’ in the Live show.
Francesco acknowledged that the event was a great opportunity to compare the unique approaches of two different lighting designers working on the same rig and was particularly pleased to have been chosen by ETC to program the lighting in a brand new environment. He emphasised how ‘programming the lighting whilst showing the fixtures’ capability to the audience without losing the main focus – the show itself – was not an easy job’.

The set-up included a variety of SolaFrame 750, SolaFrame Theatres, HEX, QUAD, SolaSpot 2000, SolaWash 2000, SolaHyBeam 1000 and the recently launched SolaFrame 3000. The SolaFrame series, the most advanced LED frame fixtures on the market, lit up the performances by POP deluxe with precise lighting control and aerial effects.
This included High End Systems’ newest flagship luminaire: SolaFrame 3000, which features an Ultra-Bright White LED engine that produces a limitless range of colour, illuminating the show to the highest standard.

Out of the High End fixtures, Francesco singled out the QUAD as his favourite, stating “QUAD is a particularly well-designed fixture with a variety of unprecedented effects and I would like to map them with Hog 4 Pixel Map in one of my future projects.”

Music band, POP deluxe, performed 5 songs produced by Spray Records and featuring the fixtures:

My Immortal d’Evanescence

Jean/Thriller/Black or White – Michael Jackson

The Show Must Go On de Queen

Locked out of Heaven de Bruno Mars

Purple Rain de Prince

L’événement, organisé plus tôt cette année, s’est révélé un grand succès, avec une augmentation du nombre de visiteurs de 20 % par rapport à l’année dernière.

For more information visit High End Systems website. About Francesco De Cave Visit here


RCF GROUP announces the acquisition of EAW

RCF Group, one of the fastest growing group in the Pro Audio market today announced that it is acquiring Eastern Acoustics Works (EAW), an iconic company in the history of Install and Touring sound headquartered in Whitinsville,MA from LOUD Audio LLC, a portfolio company of Transom Capital Group.

RCF Group, with Headquarters in Reggio Emilia and Bologna and subsidiaries in USA and Europe, operates under the companies RCF and AEB Industriale (dB Technologies) and is now adding EAW company to further become an international leader in designing, producing and selling products and systems for professional audio and public address installations.

Arturo Vicari, CEO of RCF Group stated: Since their early days, the two companies have been very close with RCF supplying professional drivers to EAW. Both brands successfully expanded around the world and their histories were often linked. Finally, we can look at a bright future together.
Even though EAW will remain a totally independent company, being part of our group will provide EAW with the necessary investments and focus for a fast and solid growth. We are very proud to have EAW with us.

TJ Smith, President of EAW stated: For those who love EAW it is difficult to imagine a better scenario. From the first moment this possibility started to materialize it has been clear that joining forces with RCF Group is a great opportunity for EAW. This transaction is a true recognition of what the brand represents, its potential, as well as the team we have built over recent years. With gratitude to the long list of those that built EAW over its 40-year history, we look forward to the exciting time in front of us.

More information on the EAW website and on the RCF website


39,000 lumens-750W LED, Ayrton launches Bora and Khamsin at PLASA

Ayrton brings yet more innovation to PLASA London with the launch of two fabulous new products when it exhibits, with exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions, on Stand K40.

Ayrton Bora S

PLASA London sees the launch of Bora-S, Ayrton’s new high output, low power LED washlight, complete with gobo projection and framing capabilities for stunning aerial effects. Bora-S’s optical delivers a remarkable output of 38,000lm from an 8000K white LED engine of just 750W.

Bora-S is a washlight for large scale venues and outdoor and indoor arenas, yet it is also fully featured with a 178mm PC front lens, a 8:1 zoom delivering a beam range of 8° to 64°, full field framing, an iris, a rotating gobo wheel, two colour wheels and a full CMY + CTO colour system with a CRI greater than.

Ayrton will also launch the brand new Khamsin-S automated LED profile spotlight at PLASA. The brightest LED profile spotlight on the market, outputting a massive 39,000lm.

Ayrton Khamsin S

Khamsin-S has it all: unparalleled optical efficiency using the same modest 750W white LED engine as Bora-S and a wealth of quality features that include two rotating gobo wheels, an animation wheel, full field framing, two prisms, an iris, two frosts, two fixed colour wheels and a full CMY + linear CTO colour system, plus a 9:1 zoom with a 6.5° to 56° beam range.
These combine with Khamsin-S’s brilliance to give lighting designers a full tool box with which to realise their design dreams.

Khamsin-S and Bora provide an led alternative that exceeds the performance and capabilities of 1500W/1700W discharge fixtures, at an equal price point, yet at a fraction of the running costs. TC versions of both Bora and Khamsin with TM30 results over 90 are available on request so customers can choose between the “TC-version” (True Colour) with a high CRI, or opt for a maximum of output with the “S-Version” (Stage). As if all this was not enough, pop by stand number K40 where Ayrton will be happy to give you a glimpse into the future…

Ayrton will also be at the 11th Knight of Illumination Awards which it is supporting for the fourth year running. The Awards take place at London’s Eventim Apollo Hammersmith on 16 September and will be a glittering occasion to showcase the best in UK lighting design.

More information on Ayrton’s full portfolio of LED lighting products at Ayrton website


WI for Us + Them Outdoor Shows

Belgian-based creative engineering specialists WIcreations are involved in the design and fabrication of three bespoke set elements – all optimised for air freight – to be used on a series of epic outdoor shows on Roger Waters’ current “Us + Them” world tour, which launched with two seminal shows in Rome and Lucca, Italy.
A pair of 16.6-metre-high circular PA towers grace the stage, complete with integral tracking systems on the onstage side for the rigging of 10 moving light fixtures, and on the downstage side for the sound cluster’s wind brace.

The second WI object is an industrial style stage roof – ‘roofette’ as it’s known on the tour – comprising a set of cantilevered steel beams which can be fitted with clear roof skins in case of rain. The third area in which WI is involved is a truss and beam rigging system, devised to securely rig and retain in place the 65-metre-wide upstage LED screen.

WI’s account and project manager Koen Peeters is overseeing all the WI elements, after being approached by Jeremy Lloyd of Wonder Works, the tour’s production designer. The creative director is Sean Evans and Chris Kansy is the Us+Them tour’s production manager.

PA Towers

These sleek PA towers are completely different to anything expected at a standard gig. Each one is a half metre diameter, matt black coated round steel tube, for a fully streamlined and modern aesthetic.
The PA rigging cradles holding the slim Clair Brothers arrays are rigged to the towers via an i-beam hoist system. The hoists are at the base of the tower and the arrays are built and raised up until complete.
Then an adjustable stabilising arm is attached to a trolley riding up the mast while the whole assembly is flown up to trim height.

Another 1 tonne hoist is attached to the base of the tower with its steel travelling up the offstage side of the mast, hoisting a stack of 10 Robe BMFL moving lights up along the integrated PA mast track.
Individual transparent rain shields offer clean looking and effective weather protection for the moving lights. When in position, these form a perfect perpendicular line of downstage lights each side.

The masts have been constructed in 3 metre sections to allow for packing and air freighting, in particular for the final three ‘fly-away’ gigs at the end of the Latin American leg of the tour in October.
The brackets into which the BMFLs are clamped and pulled up the masts will also accommodate different types of moving lights.

The Roof

Seven identical cantilevered heavy-duty steel roof beams mark out the 18-metre-wide by 12-metre-deep stage space which constitutes the band performance area, all keeping with the industrial vibe of the overall stage design. Variants on this theme have been a characteristic of Roger Waters’ live looks over the years.
Each roof beam features eight integral Martin Mac Aura LED wash moving lights and all the cabling required which is enclosed in the beams. The Auras plug in with a short 25 cm tail maintaining the tidy, high-quality finish prevalent throughout the whole stage area.

The roof beams are pinned to a sub-frame structure below stage that hold them rigid and rock solidly in place. On the end of each roof arm is an SGM Q7 LED strobe / flood fixture.
One of the stipulations for Koen and the team was that the whole roof structure had to be capable of being constructed manually … for scenarios where work can continue even when it might not be possible to get stage power and run hoists, etc. during the get-ins / outs.

As with all WI structures, the weight and volume have been minimised, it breaks down and travels in a series of dollies, and all goes together extremely quickly on site.
Transparent roof skins – six identical sections and two side ‘batwings’ – can be slotted in to the channels along the tops of the roof beams if the weather is looking dodgy!

LED Wall Rigging

Video and visuals have always been an essential part of Roger Waters live shows which are a cerebral mix of music, activism and thought-provoking juxtapositions. The 65-metre-wide by 12-metre-high video wall is being supplied to the tour by UniPix from the UK and is built in situ in 7.5-metre-wide sections.
Each section is guided into place via two vertical beams which are attached to the upstage scaffolding structure, which is locally supplied to the tour’s spec. The WI team come to site and prepare the trussing supports with integrated diverter beams, then fly the completed truss in sections on top of the scaff wall.

Each screen section has several carrier wagons rolling along the vertical tracks, allowing the screen to be built from the ground up. This methodology ensures that each 7.5-metre-wide x 12-metre-high section – and indeed the whole screen – is held firmly in place and wind-braced right from the start of the build process to the final moments of dismantling during the get out. This reduces the risk that the screen sections can rapidly turn into giant sails if the wind gets up.

Each screen section weighs 4.5 tonnes and is lifted into place via the tracks with two 2.5 tonne motion-controlled hoists. The hoists sit upstage in dedicated dollies, also part of the WI package, and they travel with the universal production set.
A 40 mm gap is left between the screens whilst they are brought up to trim height to avoid scraping and grinding during the build, and are then moved sideways and interlocked precisely and seamlessly together with the next section. WI’s new proprietary MCA automation system controls the 18 motion hoists used for the LED screen rigging.

The tour is carrying two systems of PA Towers, video screen rigging structures and two roofette bases, and the gig build schedule is based on two advanced days and one production day at each venue. The next outdoor shows will be in October on the Latin American leg of the tour.

More on the WIcreations website

Adam Hall Group Strengthens International Sales Team

As a global provider of integrated event technology solutions, the rapidly growing Adam Hall Group responds to its continued business development with further expansion to its sales team.

Left to right, Gabriel Medrano, Markus Jahnel and Marcel Mieger.

Markus Jahnel, COO and Managing Director, will assume responsibility for the Adam Hall Group’s global business development with immediate effect. “The long-term development of new business areas and partnerships and the development and personal maintenance of our global networks are important priorities for the immediate future. I am looking forward to being even closer to our marketplace expansion,” said the 50-year-old, who has been with the company over 27 years.
With the handover of this strategic area to Jahnel by the end of September, the Adam Hall Group also bids a warm farewell to the retiring Bodo Falkenried. Falkenried’s achievements include in particular the creation and expansion of the Group’s local business unit, Adam Hall Asia Pte Ltd. “We would like to thank Bodo for his great work and wish him all the best for the new chapter in his life. He was a valued employee who was greatly appreciated by the entire team,” expresses Markus Jahnel.

Marcel Mieger takes on the role of Sales Director Europe at the beginning of September. A member of the Adam Hall Family for 16 years, he has contributed to the successful multi-channel management of sales and the high level of customer satisfaction. The 34-year-old will look after the ever-expanding European sales network of the innovative event technology solutions provider.

Gabriel Medrano takes over as COO of the newly formed, New Jersey based Adam Hall North America, Inc., another subsidiary and local business unit of the Adam Hall Group founded in January this year. Together with Steven Savvides, President, Adam Hall North America, Inc., Medrano is responsible for the development of the entire business in North America. The 43-year-old has demonstrated his technical expertise and leadership qualities for the company over the last ten years, most recently as International Sales Manager for Southern Europe & South America.

Contacts and coordinates:

Information about the Adam Hall Group: adamhall.com


Electro-Voice helps audio to quality soar in a Conference Center in Beirut

For Lebanese systems integrator AMAC Company, overcoming the acoustic challenges that were inherent to The Dome, part of Middle East Airlines’ Beirut-based Training & Conference Center, was the kind of challenge that could only be overcome with experience and superior technology.

The passive 1220 EVA-2928S model showing his transducers, two 8’’ and four 1,25’’ drivers. The crossover frequency is set at 1740 Hz, the nominal impedance is 16 ohms and the power handling is 350 W continuous.

The Dome is well named; a large multi-purpose space, it extends over an area of 475 square meters, and its roof peaks at a maximum height of 19 meters.

The building’s shape, explains AMAC Company technical manager Georges Tabet, meant that “acoustically it was a real challenge”. The average reverberation time was between 25 and 30 seconds, and we needed a solution that could deliver audio equally all through the space.
A local point-source design was an option, and through EASE modelling it became apparent that two arrays, flown from the ceiling, provided the best method of coping with the spherical architecture.”

The acoustically challenging multi purpose space, featuring EVA speakers

Having used Electro-Voice loudspeakers for a number of previous conference center projects, Tabet knew that he could rely upon on the EVA (Expandable Vertical Array) series, part of the EV-Innovation family for fixed installation.

The 126 horizontal off axis frequency response. Pretty good up to 45°.

In addition to the advanced Hydra plane wave generators and Constant Directivity waveguides inside the boxes, the EVA enclosures offer integrated rigging hardware and a choice of finish options to ensure they blend into the background for a clean installation.

The1151D sub showing his 15 ’’ accepting 500 W continuous and offering a sensitivity of 98 dB SPL.

Each array comprises four EVA-2082S modules and six EVA-2082S modules. They are augmented in the low end by two matching EVA-1151D 15” subwoofers, while two Electro-Voice Xw12A 12” floor monitors provide foldback for presenters and performers.
The entire system is powered by eight Electro-Voice Q1212 amplifiers.

“Everyone is delighted with the new system,” says Tabet. “We were asked to deliver good intelligibility to the entire audience, which can be as many as 400 people seated or 500 standing.
From training pilots to performances by solo musicians and small bands, the EV system has delivered on every expectation.”

Equipment List

  • 4x EVA-2082S 126 120° x 6° full range line array modules
  • 4x EVA-2082S 1220 120° x 20° full range line array modules
  • 2x EVA-1151D subwoofers
  • 2x Xw12A floor monitors
  • 8x Q1212 power amplifiers

For more information, visit the Electro-Voice website


Allen & Heath ships 96 kHz Dante card for SQ

Allen & Heath is now shipping the hotly anticipated Dante card for its SQ series. SQ is the first compact mixer to provide a full 64×64 channel, 96 kHz interface to a Dante network.

Any SQ mixer fitted with the SQ Dante card can seamlessly connect to 96kHz amplifiers, interfaces and other devices on a Dante network, without unnecessary sample rate conversion or added latency.

The new SQ Dante. Let’s connect to the Dante’s world !

In addition to facilitating system integration, the new card enables digital splits and affordable multitrack recording direct to a computer, making it a powerful addition to SQ systems in live, installation and recording applications.

The SQ Dante card can also be switched to 48kHz to accommodate existing Dante networks and is Dante Domain Manager ready.

“Finally! We’re delighted to make the SQ Dante card available to the many, many SQ customers who’ve been waiting patiently for this release,” commented SQ Product Manager, Keith Johnson.

The Dante HC heart on a Xilinx FPGA basis.

“Our R&D team has been working with the good folks at Audinate on a custom implementation of Dante HC to deliver a high channel count, 96 kHz solution that takes full advantage of SQ’s XCVI FPGA core.
Sometimes breaking new ground takes a little longer than taking the easy option – but we’re confident that the results are well worth it.”

More on the Allen & Heath website