Robe T1 Profile: custom made for Broadcast, SoundLightUp test!

Specifically designed for the precise lighting of TV sound-stages, and for lighting live and recorded concert video, T1 is the Czech manufacturer's latest little gem. It was developed according to the recommendations and specific requests of directors of photography.

On the agenda, a 5-color LED engine, a framing module and new options for direct access to colorimetry that are already unanimously acclaimed by directors of photography!
T1 stands out in its class for its source that uses LEDs of multiple colors, five to be precise.

A balance of red, green, blue, amber and "lime", managed natively, permits the creation of all possible colors in additive synthesis, but also provides very special colorimetric characteristics that guarantee color rendering.

Robe has placed particular emphasis on CRI, in order to allow the television lighting designer to obtain light that meets his precise needs, without having to resort to any kind of tricks. Indeed, T1 delivers a light with a CRI that can be adjusted from 77 to about 90 by simply adjusting a DMX channel.
The light is stable. With all LEDs fully powered in white, the flux stabilizes in less than five minutes. In the two most extended control modes, the supply frequency of the LED sources is finely adjustable from 300 Hz to 2400 Hz. Two DMX channels are assigned to a proportional and active "minus green" correction.

In short, if you have light that flickers in the cameras, or if you reveal an abominable color with the T1, it's because it's an effect you want to achieve... but you really have to do it on purpose to screw it up... No other fixture we know of has such an easily accessible set of tools.

The construction of T1


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