It is with a certain satisfaction that we had the honor of discovering and testing the latest addition to the great Martin family in the "La Boutique du Spectacle" studio. More than nine months of gestation were necessary for the research and development laboratories of the company, to give birth to the new small Wash Beam with effects, "the Mac One".
Like its big brothers the Mac Aura XB, The Max XIP, and the Mac Aura PXL, its design is easily recognized as coming from the same lineage.

This new baby weighing 4.4 kg, thanks to its 4° – 30° zoom and its Aura effect, will allow lighting designers to bring their ideas to life and incorporate this compact, lightweight fixture into their designs. This device can be managed with DMX, Art-Net, sACN, and Martin P3 control systems and participate in all video integrations.

Disassembly of the Mac One by Yohan Ory, Algam lighting product manager, and Maxime Raffin, lighting designer.


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